Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wizard of Oz

Wearing: Romance Was Born dress, earrings by Aimee Fairman (available at NGV design store) and River Island gold sandals and American Apparel socks.

I've got mixed feelings about celebrating on the 26th of January, as it falls on the same day as arrival the first fleet in Port Jackson in 1788. To many of us, it's called Australia Day but for Indigenous Australians it's Invasion Day and marks the beginning of several very dark chapters within our shared history.
There is a lot we can be proud of, particularly when watching the Australian of the Year Awards, and citizenship ceremonies taking place all acoss the country. There will come a time where I won't be quizzed on where I'm from; when Australia's best-known model won't be a tall, white blonde but instead someone like Fernanda Ly. Sooner or later, your average Aussie will be an outlier, an outsider, someone not considered your "typical Australian" by today's standards. Less Wizard of Oz per se, but more Wizard of Odd.


  1. love your outfit,great color.the frilly white socks are so cute on you with those everyone loved you in this

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