Thursday, January 12, 2017

Food glorious food

One of my favourite things about returning to Meloburne was the FOOD! Obviously, there isn't a lot of variety in outback Queensland and the town I live in only has two pubs. They both have a great menu but for the last few months or so I have been absoutely craving Asian food. One of my family's favourite restaurants, Malaysia Gardens in Clayton will eventually close its doors but before it does, I was sure to eat some of its marvellous char kway teow, salt and pepper fried squid (so good) and beef rendang with roti canai. As a child, wonton noodle soup was one of my favourite dishes. There's something about those delicious little wontons floating in a rich soup and fresh Asian greens that I just love. I ordered mine at China Bar, which is normally very busy but my mum and I managed to snag a table for brunch before spending hours wandring through the National Gallery of Victoria.

On a separate outing, we also ate at our favourite dumpling house, Dumplings Plus getting a mixed assortment and a spicy chicken dish. Dumplings Pus recently changed their menu, scrapping our favourite spicy eggplant dish and fried vermicelli but I'll be dreaming of that soft tender chicken and peanuts for the coming months. Sorry mum for breaking out the camera every five seconds to take photographs of food (which can be forgiven since it's not something I get to do everyday). An honourable mention goes to all of the delicious meals both my parents cooked for me which I have really missed since moving out of home! Everything was so damn tasty, I wolfed it down without even thinking about snapping a photo.

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