Thursday, January 19, 2017

Aisle Style

There’s something utterly magical about the moment a bride walks down the aisle. Time stands still, and her lucky groom is overwhelmed by longing, waiting for the exchange of vows, rings, and their first kiss as husband and wife. It’s moments like these that inspire online retailer, Aisle Style to curate an extensive collection of beautifully crafted wedding dresses which capture the romance and anticipation of the moment. Professional dressmakers spend hours transforming a dress from pretty to breathtaking with the application of hand sewn embellishment or the artful arrangement of beautiful appliqués. 

For the bride-to-be searching for sensual and classically beautiful gowns, Aisle Style’s range of Lace wedding dresses are the stuff fairy tale endings are made of. The designs emphasise the natural beauty of the female figure, elevating it to that of the greatest works of art with necklines which flatter the beauty of a woman’s neck and shoulders. In contrast, their soft feminine bodices place emphasis on the curves of her bust and back. Their backless dresses combine the best of the past and present, featuring lacework and embellishment rivalling the beauty of a blushing bride. 

The ideal wedding dress captures the individuality of the wearing, whilst also combining character with beauty and grace. For Wedding dresses 2017, brides will be wearing dresses which are timeless, feminine and effortlessly cool. Aisle Style carry a range of gowns which offer beautiful movement and stunning details that are sure to highlight the feminine curves of the bride. Although I’m obsessed with each and every gown, the Boho Vinatge Bateau dress and Rustic Chiffon Wedding Dress are my absolute favourites.

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