Friday, August 18, 2017

Orange is the New Black

Wearing: Thrifted dress, Shrimps clutch and Asos flats.

Whenever I'm shopping online, which is pretty much whenever I've got my phone I am constantly searching for the thing that no other girl has, preferably a one-off piece elevated through social media. However there's something about the colour orange that designers either find so unappealing or are simply oblivious to. It's so difficult to find either a really beautifully made leather purse or knock-out dress in the colour orange and it's not just designers, it's the high street too. When searching on eBay I am continually disappointed by the range of cool orange clothes, with many dull shades or red or musky pinks worming their way into my search results. So if anyone is selling a Shrimps orange coat, from their first collection and worn by my personal style hero Susie Bubble, hit me up. Until such time I do secure some orange pieces within my wardrobe, consider this my ode to the colour.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hari Nef

An actress, a model, writer and activist. Unlike many of her modelling contemporaries Hari Nef embraces her differences, but doesn’t define herself on modelling alone. Through listening to her interview with Jay Buim for Oh Boy, a podcast presented by Man Repeller, I realised having so many different and varied roles isn’t as glamorous as it might seem. What did become apparent was a strong work ethic, speaking passionately about her appearance on the second season of Transparent, an original TV series by Amazon Prime, which hit screens in 2015. Before that Hari Nef made her runway debut walking at New York Fashion Week cast by Hood By Air and Eckhaus Latta for their Spring 2015 collections. She’s since graced the catwalk for Gucci, and more recently appeared alongside photographer Petra Collins and actress Dakota Johnson for Alessandro Michele’s first Gucci fragrance, Bloom. Her written work has been featured by publications like Dazed, Vice, Blackbook and Original Plumbing. Despite what is by all means an impressive CV, there is a certain pressure when you don’t know when you’ll next get work (something which I strongly relate to, and circumstances which can affect any of us). She’s a determined, and incredibly intelligent woman who is sure to go on to do great things.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


As much as I love fashion which is strongly informed by anthropology, patterns and geometry there simply isn't enough love for the natural world. In particular, the humble hydrangea, a plant which can change the colour of its petals, depending on the soil pH from which it grows.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Rare Bird

Wearing: Romance Was Born dress, Shrimps coat, Anna Davern earrings and Dr Martens boots.

It's the equivalent to my Sunday best- donning a slinky silk dress and a fur coat and some rather over the top, but still quite festive earrings. Like anyone in their Sunday best, comfortable shoes are a must and when all else fails I know I'll still feel like myself in a pair of Dr Martens. At times it feels like a cop out (surely there must be a more fabulous pair of shoes hiding somewhere in my closet!) and at other times it comes as a massive relief to instinctively reach for a pair of those leather boots, slip them on, and head out the door. The dichotomy between something a rich old lady would wear and shoes more typically associated with poor uni students is something I love to play with. I can see why Christopher Kane included the world's ugliest shoe as part of a runway presentation, to break rules and liberate others.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Fei Fei Sun

She’s become an international supermodel and one of the most hotly anticipated models photographed during fashion week, not for her presence on the runway but for her street style. Fei Fei Sun started modelling in 2008, representing China in the Elite Model Look modelling competition and debuted for Christopher Kane at London Fashion Week in 2010. Whether she looks polished, ultra-glamorous of down-right eccentric she brings a certain type of energy to every feature length editorial, campaign and runway presentation. Fei Fei Sun has also changed the face of European Vogue, featuring in the Vogue Italia editorial The Power of Glamour, in January 2011 shot by Steven Meisel. Her success didn’t stop there, she then became the first woman of East Asian descent to feature on her own on the cover of Vogue Italia. While it makes me blood boil to a simmer knowing we have so far to go in terms of achieving equality, I’m comforted by the fact there will be many more models like Fei Fei Sun in the coming years. Will they have the same poise and grace? Possibly not, but only time will tell just how much the fashion industry can open up.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Red Hot

Sex appeal simply isn't something that's in my repertoire, I know what it looks like but it's never been something I've immediately understood when standing in my own skin. The goddess Halsey wearing Christian Cowan-Sanluis makes showing a little skin seem more cute than seductive.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Scarlet woman

Wearing: Poppy Lissiman sunglasses, Romance Was Born top, vintage leather shorts and Asos buckle flats.

I have no idea what kind of person I'll be in five years time, so it's pretty much pointless to rule out what my personal style will become in the future. However, it is very rare that you see me showing a lot of skin- although I will say there are a lot of great swimsuits and bikinis I would love to own, but could only justify purchases if I frequently holidayed. There comes a time when we as young girls begin to emulate and copy women aged in their twenties and thirties, and along with that comes a change in personal style. For some it's almost a right of passage, but I never experienced that kind of internal revolution although I will admit there were times I tried to push the envelope. But like most girls at age twelve, I would go shopping with my mother who I was financially dependent on and often she would have the final say in what clothes were bought. I'm beginning to wonder had I been able to take myself to thrift stores if things would have been different.