Friday, December 16, 2016

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Surviving the Holidays

Perfume is one of the most popular gifts to give (and receive) during the holiday season but with a standard sized 100ml bottle of eau de parfum costing over $100, it can be expensive. Apparel Candy have the best wholesale fragrances inspired by designer labels for a fraction of the cost. One of my personal favourites is Flower Buds inspired by Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. With notes of sambac jasmine, orange tree, catleya orchid, freesia and rose the fragrance is an explosive bouquet of fresh and sweet notes. 

If you’re after something a little more subtle and sophisticated, I suggest trying Botanic Blush, a floral fragrance similar to Flora by Gucci with notes of sandalwood, pink pepper, rose, peony and citrus accord. Utterly feminine and deeply sensual, a myriad of floral notes come together to create a scent full of life that smells light, clean and fresh. 

Inspired by an imaginary flower resembling candy or a bouquet of flowers somewhere in Italy, Sweet Secrets was inspired by the popular Prada Candy Florale by Prada. It’s an exciting floral fragrance full of life and sensuality with peony heart notes and delicious base notes of musk. It’s the perfect scent if you love peony, citrus summer perfumes, or are looking for something to wear on those hot summer nights or sunny, dewy mornings. 

I always end buying some gifts for myself when doing my Christmas shopping, and lately I’ve been obsessed with clothes for summer. I am in desperate need of skirts and cannot resist a good dress. For the best wholesale clothing, visit Apparel Candy for more diverse, stylish and high-quality pieces!

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