Monday, November 14, 2016

Power in Softness

Wearing: Vintage dress, Marina Fini butterfly choker, second hand turquoise necklace and Asos shoes. 
Since moving from Melbourne, I've become increasingly more aware of personal style and the lack thereof in this little town. The people around me and the clothes that they wear are downright boring and yet very practical. It's very hard to wear a flowing vintage ballgown and buy groceries down the street, if you also have to do hours of manual labour and there's a never ending list of jobs you have to do, often in the outdoors. In some way or another you will have to do one of these dirty jobs, and yet I remain determined not to let my current situation take away part of my identity which I express through clothes. Today's garb was very much inspired by Maxmilla Lukacs, a fellow Romance Was Born connoisseur and the kind of human being who radiates sensational warmth and extreme feminine power. The kind of power that makes a vintage floral dress into a kind of armor used to combat the banality of everyday life.

"wearing something soft and feminine, some people might think as a weakness but I feel like it's truly feminine power. As women, our power comes from our softness"

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