Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Now Trending: Customised Denim

Every fashion girl should have at least one denim jacket in her wardrobe. But one thing I’ve never felt comfortable with was looking like everyone else or running the risk of becoming a wallflower. Increasingly more and more designers are offering personalised denim pieces and creating wearable pieces of art, but you yourself can let loose and create your own dream jacket. It’s as simple as buying some fabric paints and for those who want a cohesive look, you might also jazz up a pair of jeans you would have otherwise donated to a local charity shop. It’s double denim with a difference, a statement piece that says so much about style, proudly proclaiming to everyone within the immediate vicinity “only me” rather than “me too”.

Denim jacket customised by Phiney Pet for Topshop 

In case I didn’t have you already hooked, I’ve searched high and low for the dreamiest of customised denim jackets and hopefully you’ll be inspired to make this your next weekend project. There’s a lot to be said for the satisfaction of a DIY jacket made with lots of love.

Dirty Disco has been on my radar for a while, since debuting hand-painted denim featuring feminist slogans and technicolour dinosaurs.

Paige Joanna has turned her blog intro a brand, creating ultra-feminine denim jackets inspired by the beauty of flowers and French sensibilities. My favourite is her now sold out, ‘Girl Gang’ jacket.

Me personally, I like to wear either a colourful (and slightly mad!) denim jacket or dress up a vintage jacket with pins and buttons. The former was made by British designer, Kit Neale. What you wear says so much about you, and for me I’m at my happiest when I wear something colourful and bright. I'd love to know how you do customised denim and if there's a special piece in your wardrobe!

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  1. i LOOOVVVEEE this new trend. so many cool, interesting, and unique denim jackets, i love them all and neeeeed one!!!