Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Man Repeller shoe debut on Net-a-Porter

It seems fitting that Leandra Medine's most glamorous fashion collaboration to date be a shoe collection, sold exclusively through the very prestigious e-retailer Net-a-Porter. If you aren't familiar with Man Repeller, the website's central tenet celebrates personal style as a meaningful form of self-expression and communicates the idea that fashion, humor and intelligence are not mutually exclusive. With that in mind, the shoes are wonderfully outrageous and various styles carry apt and witty descriptions including "LOL if you think I'm walking" and "I'm here to party". Some styles have already sold out in some sizes since launching less than a week ago, and I personally am anticipating one of the most serious cases of FOMO in my lifetime. To those who have already splurged, congratulations, and please cherish your new shoe children for many years to come.