Sunday, November 27, 2016

DIY ruffle choker

Something I wanted to explore more this year was DIY, under the assumption that I would spend less money on clothes and become comfortable with my very small wardrobe when I moved across the country at the start of the year. While I've tried to stay on top of my expensive fashion habit, there have been relapses and there's been very little time to craft and gussy up pre-loved items of clothing. Rather than spend $18 on a choker necklace from the high street e-retailer Asos (who throughout the year have already received my patronage), I decided to recycle an old dress into the ruffle choker of my dreams.

I almost wish I took a photo of the dress before I started the DIY, but at the same time I'm glad I didn't. No amount of photo editing or cute stickers would have distracted from the threadbare and faded piece of fabric. Fortunately, the neckline and pleating was still in relatively good condition and after inserting some elastic the dress has a new lease on life as an accessory worthy of Marie Antoinette.

The next time you see a garment in desperate need of some tender loving care, look closely and see what you can salvage. It's amazing what you can do with a sewing machine and a little bit of imagination.

Susie Bubble wears her Asos ruffle choker with vintage Comme des Garçons dress, Miu Miu slides and Chloe sunglasses.

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