Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sadie Williams Fall 2016

An entire collection built around a memory, and sparked by a photograph of her parents on holiday. For Fall 2016 Sadie Williams takes vintage skiwear and transforms it into something wonderful, combining the metallic fabrics synonymous with her name and blending those with rich references to the past. The show was nestled within a winter wonderland complete with a snow-topped mountain in the background and decorated ski gates in the foreground. It’s a far cry from the high-tech fashion seen on today’s ski slopes, but a reminder of the technicolour explosion which once graced steep-sided hills. Entitled Off Piste the fall collection was an opportunity for the young Brit to create a multi-textural landscape and infuse a certain sense of nostalgia into each look. Models were enveloped in a sea of fabrics, including skirts inspired by traditional Scottish kilts reimagined in lurex and wrapped in puffer skirts. These were worn with statement knits and the shiniest silver trousers. The latter proving that high visibility can be fashion forward, with show-stopping leather pants (a nod to those worn by her father in his youth) festooned in metallic geometric patches.

Fueled by her family’s not-too-distant past, William’s fabric-led approach to design combines strong silhouettes and 80s slalom style. Her most impressive pieces were without a doubt the gargantuan puffer skirts which parallel the three dimensional pieces produced by the legendary Rei Kawakubo, with the added warmth of feathery down. Continuing the alpine theme, carabiners and rope were used as accessories, styled with hair and inspired the oversized handles for each of the purses. Each bag was intensively color coordinated with their corresponding skirt, emphasizing the amount of thought and effort surrounding each outfit. The dazzling lurex and bold colors beautifully demonstrate the ease with which Sadie is able to mix different fabrics while creating something with a true sense of cohesion. It’s difficult to pinpoint a favorite look from the collection, but I have always had a soft spot for silver and the presentation as a whole is testament to the phrase “all that glitters is not gold”.

*Images courtesy of Sadie Williams

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