Thursday, October 6, 2016

long live DIY

When I first started blogging, DIY culture was prevalent but as blogging became a profession the focus transitioned from handmade to looking professional. Making things yourself can be incredibly rewarding though, so I wanted to revisit the good ol' days (cause you know, I'm out of touch with the kids and generally cranky) by sharing some of my own DIY projects.

Exhibit A: DIY rose brooch made from fabric flowers I bought from the thrift store. I had the badge backings lying around in my room, but you could use any small pin or brooch you're looking to upcycle.

Exhibit B: crochet square handbag. The bag is faux leather and came with a hair dryer that never quite tickled my fancy. I decided a new lick of paint (or in this case, a crochet square) would renew my love for it. And ya know what? It worked. 

Exhibit C: paper origami pikachu. Sadly I can't take credit for this DIY, it was actually given to me by a friend from work for my birthday. Sometimes the best handmade things are acquired through exchanges with other creatives and talented people.


  1. Did you make those shoes? They are incredible. And yeah, totally agree--trying to wear more DIY pieces these days. Down with professional looks, tbh.


    1. I wish I made the shoes! But I definitely want to try- they were made by the fabulous Rachel Burke of I Make it, You Wear it from Brisbane, Australia. She does styling for a magazine called Frankie too :)

  2. dude i love diy stuff, i still trrryyyy to do some, but i get unmotivated. I used to loooovvveeee making things. there are very very cute, especially that pink rose pin!!!!