Friday, October 28, 2016

Desert Rose

Wearing: Akubra hat, vintage dress and River Island sandals.

So a few weeks ago now I promised there would be more outfit posts on the blog, and then virtually disappeared off the face of the planet. Apologies! It's been a busy couple of weeks, with extra work commitments but I've finally got a week to myself to catch up on everything from emails to Instagram and everything in between. I've also been working on some new DIY projects, slowly but surely and without a sewing machine. My boyfriend recently gave me some of the some of the most amazing vintage dresses, which he found stashed away in the shearer's quarters on his property. I'm in love with this ethereal, ruffled floral maxi dress which is basically the perfect Virgin Suicides dress. The best part is it's made from polyester which was super easy to clean and the bell sleeves will hide all of the lovely sweat patches sure to appear under my arms this summer.


  1. THIS DRESS IS SO CUTE!!!! aGH, I love floral, long dresses.

  2. I love this outfit so much! Little flowers and natural colours are all I need!