Thursday, September 15, 2016

Phiney Pet and Pingu

Fashion and more importantly, personal style which does not take itself too seriously has become a fixation of my wardrobe. The mantra is promoted by the talented Leandra Medine, major proponent of the website Man Repeller and championed by freshly established womenswear Phiney Pet. Earlier this year designer Phiney Pettman collaborated with prolific online retailer Asos in a capsule collection and continues from strength to strength with this latest offering in collaboration with Pingu. The marriage between the cartoon character and British label perfectly balances the brand's signature eclectic prints with pastel tones and iconography lifted from the stop-motion clay animated TV series. Pettman's illustrative approach to print has resulted in an explosion of colour intertwined with patterns featuring an anthropomorphic penguin with the world's stretchiest beak and the catchphrase, "noot noot" (as well as some of the most memorable GIFs to appear on Tumblr).

 There's so much weird fashion featured in this lookbook it's impossible not to fall in love with something, whether it be an offbeat penguin emblazoned beanie and glove set or a faux fur hand muff. While my eye is firmly set on the luxurious faux fur swing coat with ominous penguin face and a contrasting yellow strip, I know deep down that with prices ranging from £30 to £1000 it's the statement leather jackets and coats which will carry the heftier price tags.  Nevertheless I am still determined to get my hands on at least one item from the capsule collection, and celebrate Pingu's 30th anniversary in style and stubbornly wearing winter wear in the middle of an Australian summer in outback western Queensland. Perhaps I would be much better off building myself an igloo in the dry and dusty desert. Although I'm seriously considering building a giant confetti wall in my boyfriend's house as a cool place to take outfit photos as well. 

Featuring clutch purses produced by maverick label The Rodnik Band, this collection is far from versatile but rather, a cohesive and intensively art directed island in an ocean of beige and boring drab garments. The two dimensional clutches are reminiscent of the purses and backpacks produced by cult favourite, Jump From Paper whilst maintaining the wintry theme. Not many people would be seen with such a strange clutch, but for me there's nothing more exciting to me than challenging the status quo with what one wears and the way we decorate our world. Lately I haven't been freaking out the neighborhood, but ideas surrounding dress as well as uniforms and cookie cutter style have been whirling around in my head. I wish there were more hours in the day (as well as coffee to fuel my creativity) to dedicate towards photography and DIY. Or a job for me in science communication, without a uniform. 


  1. this looks so like my gen's styles

  2. I love the penguins and the fish! I would LOVE one of those fish as a purse/bag to carry around with me EVERYWHERE!!

  3. I love the penguins and the fish! I would LOVE one of those fish as a purse/bag to carry around with me EVERYWHERE!!

  4. I'm a huuuge Phiney Pet fan, this collection is just amazing as usual! I need it all <3

  5. Wow! Looks very unusual and cool!
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