Monday, September 19, 2016

Katie Jones Fall 2016

Katie Jones Highland Fling AW16 Collection from Isobel Mehta on Vimeo

Katie Jone's Autumn/ Fall 2016 collection, aptly named 'Highland Fling' is a melding pot of vintage influences and traditional British sensibilities. Primarily inspired by the 60s and Scottish Highland dress, Jones takes her Eco-friendly approach to high fashion giving vintage inspired threads a modern twist by way of embellished Juju sandals. Materials are sourced from designer surplus, factory seconds and textile waste reducing that sent to landfill and creating innovative and one of a kind pieces. Behind Katie is an intimate team of makers and creatives, including her mother Annie as well as right hand woman Sara Liz Marty. Together, bespoke designs are molded around the fabric and wool available, with each piece taking anywhere between ten and one hundred hours, all crafted with love in London.

This collection sees the growth and expansion of the brand into accessories, moving beyond the commonplace pom pom earring and instead features embellished leather off cut earrings. With so much knitwear, it's difficult to distinguish between a pom pom lariat and the cropped pom pom jacket with textured collar and cuffs but the results are far from boring. There's also something warrior-like about some of the outfits, whereas others remain playful and inspired by the swing dresses of the 60s giving women freedom and movement. The collection also features a unique take on the traditional sporran, while also bringing new meaning to the phrase heart shaped box. In keeping with past collections, Jones sense of personal style and the colour palettes she uses really capture the imagination. There's a long list of designers I would love to wear (if I won the lottery) and with such a unique and green approach to fashion, Katie Jones is firmly at the top of the list.