Monday, August 1, 2016

Royal Open Air Theatre & Opal Walk

Unseasonable rain during what would otherwise be the dry season has prevented the museum from opening for more than a week. It is at the Royal Open Air Theater, a beautiful ruin and house of nostalgia that we've set up shop for the duration of this purgatory like existence. It was on one of the many deckchairs I sat and watched Ivan Sen's 'Goldstone' on opening night of the Vision Splendid film festival, without a gas heather and freezing my ass off in a sheer vintage dress. Winton's Royal Open Air Theater is one of two working open air theaters in the country, and includes the most charming and whimsical opal walk. Included there are nods towards the dinosaur bones found in this area, as well as the gemstones this continent is famous for.

Adjacent to the Opal Walk is the projector room which houses a curious collection of vintage movie posters and roller skates. It's the first glimpse of a bygone era I've found in this town that references the 1950s and does not in some way include its history or geology. The posters were far from perfect, but in hindsight a cultural breath of fresh air. At the front of this expansive theater is the remains of a rollerskating rink, now defunct with the movement of once smooth concrete slabs. It's depressing that a venue which served various roles for the community is largely abandoned, save for Wednesday nights when snippets of a nostalgia reel are played to paying guests. At the back sits the world's largest deckchair, made in Victoria and shipped interstate. The canvas has already been repaired numerous times, and is prone to ripping when the wind blows. The same can't be said for the smaller deckchairs, any

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