Monday, August 8, 2016

Romance Was Born Sincerely Yours

Put simply, Romance Was Born's latest collection entitled Sincerely Yours is an experiment in colour, texture and the absurd- three central tenements which the brand has championed since its inception. Since 2009 the brand has continued to evolve into one of Australia's most impressive labels, proudly proclaiming there's nothing boring about fashion down under. Focusing less on patterns and embellishment the brand has created editorial worthy clothing ready to grace the pages of Italian Vogue. In no way does this make the brand inaccessible, for as long as I can remember I've been able to find Romance Was Born goodies on eBay (to varying levels of success). Sincerely Yours opens with bold and abstract black and white stripes, the collection transitions between the regimented to the ultra-feminine by way of metallic pink broderie jackets embellished in floral motifs. 

The wizards who work for Romance have created the perfect shade of pink and created a delicious dichotomy between granny chic and eroticism through the addition of black lace. For those slightly off put by my colourful use of language and more fascinated by gothic design and dressing according to the social norm, I would highly recommend the blood red pleated dresses. Even for a maximalist such as myself, it has me drooling. Add a beret and oversized rectangular glasses and you too will be ready to walk the world and see it through the eyes of a Gucci girl. But by far the most spectacular pieces are the rainbow pleated metallic skirts, echoing a previous design from their 2012 collection Happy Campers. Following the success of last season, Romance has collaborated with Beau Coops to deliver a spectacular range of leather boots perfect for winter incorporating the keynote colours of the Sincerely Yours collection. These include black ankle boots with rose gold tipped toes and a stunning red and silver shoe, seemingly inspired by David Bowie's alter ego Ziggy Stardust. 

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