Monday, August 29, 2016

Karen Mabon Sleepwear Show

Luxury brand Karen Mabon made the leap from whimsical printed silk scarves to sleepwear in the most spectacular fashion at Edinburgh International Fashion Festival. Not to be confused with Edinburgh Fashion Week, the festival promised a business focused and more pragmatic approach to understanding the fashion industry as a whole. However, it's difficult to discuss fashion without unveiling the end product in some shape or form and Karen Mabon's salon show curated pastel printed umbrellas and the cat's pajamas of sleepwear. Styled with 1950s inspired cat eye glasses, mules and ankle socks the collection elevates sleepwear to that of Mad Men and proves that sleepwear doesn't have to be boring (or functional!). While it does make me pine for the flurry and fury of fashion week, I am reminded that attending events like this in the city are a bit like a bathtub.

It would be nice every once in a while and there are times where I crave that sense of luxury but at the same time, I won't die without it. And unlike a bathtub, I can vicariously life through images posted online to understand what the mood in the room was like and to some degree, gauge the audience's response.

Photos: 1- Tartan Brunette, 2- Terry Murden via Daily Business Group, 3- Karen Mabon instagram 4- Alannah Eileen, 5 & 6 shot by @ellie_morag.

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  1. Karen Mabon is fabulous, This sleepwear definitely puts my fluffy onesie to shame!
    Bethany x