Saturday, August 13, 2016

Jiwinawai Get rich or eat peanuts

In the countdown to the release of Jiwinaia's new collection, featuring daisies, ying yangs and razor blades it seemed fitting to revisit the collection which started it all, aptly named 'Get rich or eat peanuts'. I love the quirky designs of each piece, the attention to detail and more importantly, the lack of inhibitions. The motifs of this collection seem more fitting with the life of a teenage girl, on the cusp of womanhood and testing boundaries. The price range of these jewels seems somewhat incompatible with the aesthetic, however, given how beautifully crafted these pieces are, I would say they're worth every dollar. Unfortunately I won't be able to afford anything from the collection anytime soon, but perhaps when the new collection launches I'll have enough money saved up by then. At the very least I have some new make up looks to emulate, joining a long list of make up looks appearing in photo shoots which I have been too afraid to wear myself.

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