Friday, July 1, 2016

Ryan Lo Fall 2016

Creating whimsy and magic at London Fashion Week is none other than the mysterious Ryan Lo. His most recent offering was a plethora of colour, texture and flamboyant tailoring, including everything from slacks to sheer skirts and cardigans more strongly resembling blankets. I love and admire Ryan Lo, since he himself lives and breathes hyper-romanticism but also it takes a lot of courage to have long, hot pink hair as a dude, globe trot around the world interviewing fictional characters like Hello Kitty and he's absolutely killing it. Popular among international blogging sensations such as Susana Lau from Style Bubble and Tina Leung, there is as much attention to detail in terms of set design and designing a runway show as the old Meadham Kirchhoff. In case you were curious, the Ryan Lo woman is a precocious doe-eyed sprite who wouldn't be seen without floral hair barrettes and a shiny satin ribbon. 

I feel like the Ryan Lo Fall 2016 collection was sent down from heaven by fat cherubs with their bottoms hanging out- in the sense that romanticism really underpins everything about this collection. The bright clashing colours and prints reminded me of a teenage girl's bedroom, less Virgin Suicides and more Pretty in Pink. Also, pink and red made me think of Amy Poehler serving up cosmos in Mean Girls as everyone's favourite cool mom. Pop culture references aside, and from what limited experience I have sitting behind a sewing machine it takes a lot of skill to snake stripes around the female figure. As a kid it seemed so easy to draw and conjure up an outfit, but without a technical background there's not much else I can say about it. The knitwear was the perfect blank canvas for more intricate designs, whereas the dresses allowed Lo to explore shape and texture. 

I loved seeing the stiletto ankle boots matched and customised to complement each outfit. Therein was an interesting juxtaposition of pointy toed shoes when worn with large cocoon coats. I mean, what could be more appealing to anyone trapped on Instragram/ Netflix than a quilt cover dressed up as high fashion? That's probably one of my finest backhanded compliments, but as the old saying goes, it's so easy to condemn and hard to create. So, keeping in mind that I used to walk around wearing a crochet blanket as a shawl during the height of summer five years ago, I'll promptly and ceremoniously shut up.

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