Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lady Petrova Bridal

Entitled 'As you Wish', Lady Petrova's first bridal collection is the manifestation of 'happily ever after' and takes inspiration from The Princess Bride (1987) and to a lesser extent, Beauty and the Beast, as well as traditional Victorian designs and classic fairy tales. Although active since 2008, it is only now in 2016 that Petrova Hammond, creative director behind the boutique Lady Petrova has turned her hand to creating some of the most sentimental clothes and arguably, most important dresses in a woman's life: her wedding dress. Although Lady Petrova has always aimed to create romantic and whimsical dresses, its her bridal collection that really sees her fancy take flight by way of ombre dyed tulle, hand beaded bodices and antique lace. Each dress tells a unique story and was inspired by a different historical or fictional femme fatale, ranging from the mythical legend of the singing siren Lorelei to dancer Isadora Duncan. There is an intimate and unique understanding of the female figure, as well as the importance of movement and accentuating such motions, rather than acting to hinder or restrict them. All dresses are handmade in Melbourne and will be available in all sizes.

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