Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Discount Universe Resort 2017

Discount Universe create clothes which I don't immediately gravitate towards when I am feeling generous towards myself, but I could stare at it for hours. Established in 2009 the brand has gained a cult following with looks worn by controversial pop culture figures Miley Cyrus and more recently, Kylie Jenner. A sparkling array of intensively colour coordinated sequins is what has attracted both these women to the brand, and passionate onlookers, present company included. Designers Nadia Napreychikov and Cami James explored more unconventional methods during the production of this collection, including the application of Windex to stain hot pink sequins on white long sleeve shirts.The intensity of each look was matched with an equally powerful beauty look, including  dripping lipstick and braids which would put Rapunzel to shame. 

As you've probably worked out, despite my casual used of Instagram hashtags, I'm no beauty blogger and wouldn't have a clue about the latest beauty trends were it not for the catchy headlines in my daily Vogue emails. If I do attempt a wild makeup look, it's usually as an extension of an outfit and very unorthodox. I suppose that's what I admire about the Resort 2017 presentation, models strutted down the runway wearing two different colours of eyeshadow and some with plastic dripping tears pointed down their face. Obviously it's difficult to attempt such a look because of harassment on the street but I would still love to try and recreate some of these looks. Unfortunately, without equally impressive outfits and a very poor technical approach to makeup I'm sure any comparisons would be crass, with the worst case scenario reflecting poorly on the women and men behind Discount Universe.

Described in their very first Vogue review, penned by Steff Yotka as 'subversive', Discount's method of putting customers first with creativity at the forefront of their business has paid off. More importantly, they've continued to delve into new techniques while also remaining firmly rooted in the style which earned them both critical and commercial acclaim with each design hand drawn before bedazzling in a rainbow of sequins. Beautifully crafted clothes cloistered in a handmade aesthetic, drenched in heavy chains and slicked back with litres of hair spray and hair gel. I wish this kind of anti-fashion existed when I was in high school, and it probably did but at the time didn't reach mainstream culture or survive into 2016. However, I feel extremely excited and energised knowing that a brand like Discount Universe is inspiring the next generation of Australian designers.

There have been amazing shoes incorporated within Discount Universe runway shows in the past, but none which went into production. One pair of shoes stands out in particular, if memory serves they were fluorescent yellow platform boots which have happily retired to the Discount Universe office/studio. Cami and Nadia announced via Instagram that for the shoes from Resort 2017 will be going into production, a first for the brand. The response online has been largely positive, consisting of many people saying 'amazing' and others trying to sell their souls for these sweet sequined cowboy boots fastidiously adorned in embellishment. Although I should technically be saving my money, there are horrendous days at work which convince me that retail therapy will be my salvation. It's then that I must remember that these beautiful kicks exist, and I'll probably never be satisfied until I have a pair of DU shoes within my collection.

Sidebar: The photographer on the right is wearing Emma Mulholland trousers with a Metallic inspired t-shirt and it's almost as amazing as the Beelzebub inspired outfit to the left.

Photos 1-18 via Vogue, photos 19-23 shot by Brendon Thorne for Getty and 25-39 via Frock Writer.

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