Thursday, July 28, 2016


Wearing: Asos pom pom jacket, Meadham Kirchhoff X Topshop dress and Dr Martens boots.

I never expected to be rugged up in a fluffy jacket, wearing tights and boots in the Australian outback but we've had unseasonably wet weather lately. This forced the closure of our dinosaur museum for a week, which even made it into the local news (albeit riddled with small white lies). Rained in and with nowhere to go, I reluctantly cleaned my room and reorganized my wardrobe the end result being many happy accidents in the form of over the top outfits. The ecological silver lining is that the record breaking rain will do a world of good for the farmers, and soon the paddocks will be green with new growth. Warmer weather presents a new set of challenges, no longer will I be able to wear everything in my closet all at once and there is nary a summer dress or slinky top in sight. When things do start to warm up I can only hope I have enough saved up to treat myself to some pieces bought at a bargain.

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  1. PHENOMS PHENOMS!!!! SOOOO gorgeous babe! Your outfit is everything! The colors make me sooo happy and u r gorgeous!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls