Monday, July 25, 2016

Claire Barrow Teddy Bears

Creative maverick and cult designer Claire Barrow has applied her DIY punk aesthetic to a limited edition series of provocative teddies dressed in tiny t-shirts each with their own hand drawn design. It was a month ago that the artist announced plans to shake the cumbersome schedule of fashion week in order to focus on her own creative work. Each bear somewhat reminds me of Mike Kelley's “Ahh…Youth!”, immortalised on the Sonic Youth album, 'Dirty'.
Mike Kelley, “Ahh…Youth!”, 1991. Courtesy of MOCA, Los Angeles.


  1. these are so cute oh my gosh haahhaha, these bears have so much character!!!!

  2. Wow yeah v Mike Kelley. I especially like the little illustrations on each of them.