Monday, July 11, 2016


Wearing: Thrifted dress, Marina Fini choker necklace and earrings, Dr Martens boots and I Scream Nails gold nail polish.

I wore this outfit to the opening night of the Vision Splendid film festival, but at the time my heart was broken and I was in such a rush I didn't take any outfit photos. This dress was a bargain, I paid four dollars but there are a few stains on the front (not sure if they're from me or a previous owner). It seemed fitting that I paint my nails in gold nail polish, as the movie screened at opening night was Ivan Sen's thriller Goldstone. I was lucky enough to win a prize pack via Instagram from Eat Me Do and I Scream Nails and I'm slowly testing each nail polish, as well as incorporating eclectic, food-themed accessories into each of my outfits.


  1. you're a genius thrifter! I never have the patience! That dress is beautiful and I love your nails too x

  2. ahhhh I love this pink dress!!!! and all of the details fit so well with everything!!! looooove it all

  3. Adorable outfit! Reminds me of that post you published about those poufy pink dresses a few weeks ago!