Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Swan Lake

Wearing: Asos collar, Miss Shop t-shirt, thrifted jeans and Dr Martens boots. 

Lately I've been pre-occupied with styling everything within my wardrobe and abstaining from the purchase of new clothes. For example, red lipstick changes everything, as do the swans on my detachable collar from Asos. Today I collected images from old issues of Australian Geographic, organised my room and listened to podcast. During one of these podcasts, in an interview someone used swans as part of a really great analogy. While they look so relaxed and graceful on the surface, underneath they're madly paddling in order to get anywhere. I'm pretty sure this was in reference to social media in some way or another but it seemed serendipitous that I should find those words now, at this moment in time.  
These two new fossils were given to me by a friend on the Dinosaur Dreaming dig who had them in his car (he often goes to the beach to look for fossils). The one on the left is the inner ear bone, possibly belonging to a porpoise but we're not too sure what the origin of the other is.


  1. I completely agree that red lipstick changes everything!!! Whenever I don't look the best, I just add some on and it fixes everything, ahahahaha. That detachable collar is way cool, I need one in my life. Also, lookin' goooooddd!!!!

  2. I love the swan collar <3