Monday, June 6, 2016

Susan Alexandra Jewelry

The best way to emphasize that something is important is the 'revolving door approach' which is pretty self explanatory i.e. bringing up the same thing over and over again till your boyfriend throws a pillow at you. In this instance, I'm bringing up the raging debate of fast fashion vs. lovely handmade things, case in point jewellery made by New York artist Susan Alexandra. I first stumbled across her designs while searching NYLON shop and couldn't get past the cute emoji emblazoned bracelet. I wanted to wear it, but more importantly, wanted to see her body of work. While the designs instantly reminded me of Venessa Arizaga stocked at Opening Ceremony, the bracelets weren't woven but painted on metal cuffs. 

This took an element of design I knew so well- woven friendship bracelets which seemed to epitomize the climax of female friendship to me at age seven, and completely turn it on its head. And I love that. Like Leandra Medine the Man Repeller Susan's mantra is to not take yourself too seriously, and wear pieces which make you smile. This has nothing to do with fashion, or dressing to impress that special someone and instead embodies female empowerment at its core. The pieces Susan Alexandra dreams up are inspired by her various influences, including but not limited to Frida Kahlo's lace gowns, bodega signs and watermelon candies. By far my favorite pieces are those which fuse found objects, vintage baubles and bronze swallowed by a sea of colour but I get the sense that there is so much more on offer here.

If I weren't preparing to move to outback Australia I'd love to own something so personal and so special but I'm going to be strapped for cash for the next few months. That said, it's seeing such lovely pieces of wearable art made with so much love that remind me while I do have an ardent love for science it is art that makes life worth living. Especially for those slogging it out in a nine to give job that they hate with little to no motivation for whichever organisation they find themselves representing. I don't mean to say the same thing for myself, but adjusting to life after university is going to be somewhat of a shock no matter how much I love my career. Art in all its many and splendid forms is the language through which we choose to communicate feelings, whether that be with emojis or not. That is entirely up to you. 

*Images 1-5 by Tory Rust for Susan Alexandra.


  1. Her work is incredible! Wow thank you for the intro. I definitely see some Mexican/Frida Kahlo influence. And yeah I love the friendship bracelet idea for commemorating female friendships. Gorgeous gorgeous, I'll definitely have to get something.


  2. thank you for such a lovely, beautiful article! your blog is magic!!!! xoxo