Friday, June 24, 2016

Marc Jacobs' FW16 Campaign

Marc Jacobs' campaigns have become the stuff of legends. The designer's magnetic personality attracts the furthest reaches of pop culture, captivating Hollywood legends, recluse musicians and has even won the hearts of the writers of South Park (case in point, Muscleman Marc). I caught sight of Marilyn Manson, hunched over a stool but without a caption, I was unaware that it had featured within the Stacked FW16 campaign. Brooding, melodramatic and ultra-goth, the campaign also features Cara Delevingne (tying the collection back to the fashion industry), as well as Courtney Love and Annie Clark. Everything about this collection makes me appreciate editorials and creatives in new, exciting ways.

p.s. sorry for the shitty image quality, this is something that I'm trying to fix soon but in the meantime, you can click each image to view in fullscreen

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  1. Love the gothic element of this recent campaign - just wish Lady Gaga was in it like the runway show!
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