Friday, June 3, 2016

Carrie the Kangaroo

It's been a while since I last updated what's been going on in Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer- to be completely honest I haven't been playing a lot lately. The last client I had was Carrie the kangaroo, and just in case you're confused she has a joey in her pouch and isn't sprouting a second head from her stomach. It seems that a lot of youtubers from North America were ignorant to the nuances of Australian fauna. Despite Carrie being a villager in the Animal Crossing franchise since at least the gamecube version and not the only kangaroo but whatever. You unlock Carrie as a character after finishing the school, with the latter mentioned as a reason why she's looking top build a home in the area. For the first time you get to choose the location of where you're building so I thought I'd give a quick run through of what some of these look like (aesthetic game strong, well done Nintendo).

I originally envisioned a location which matched outback, not too dissimilar from the natural habitat of a kangaroo. However, since there are only deciduous trees and pines in game that proved quite challenging. In the end I settled for something by the river with some trees in the background. More house designs were unlocked, including larger sized homes. Strangely enough when I changed the home's exterior, it did not influence the number of rooms I was able to decorate. That was kind of a disappointment since the room ultimately ended being cluttered and cramped but also a relied because decorating more than one room in one go can be kind of exhausting. As part of this design you also get to decorate outside, incorporating some play equipment for Carrie's joey.  

It was still nice flipping through all the different exterior designs, and obviously they do look very different when you change the roof tiling etc. I just usually stick to the same things or colour schemes depending on the animal. And I usually pick a white pickett fence out of all the fencing options otherwise the animal looks like a junk man and because of an affinity with David Lynch's Blue Velvet. I haven't yet used a straw thatched roof since I think it looks really tacky, especially when the colours are so intense but you never know. What I do tend to change is the flowers/ trees and furniture sitting outside the home, with the house centered in the middle of the plot. I can't imagine there being an item tacking up so much room that I would want to put the house in the corner of the garden. In any game with an element of design I always had a big thing for keeping things symmetrical and it's always stuck.

I actually think the outside of this home looks a lot nicer than the interior, and you'll see why in just a second. Aside from including the children's play equipment I was free to do a bit more, whereas inside there was certain flooring and wallpaper I think everyone would have ended up using. Also there wasn't really room for anything else aside from clothes for baby and white goods and an ironing board which just feels super depressing. I only just managed to fit in a bed in for Carrie, but it's not like I could fit in anything else. Just in case you can't tell- I REALLY WANTED TO. I don't see why this house couldn't have had two rooms, a separate living area and then room for baby but whatever Nintendo.

This is probably the most comprehensive photo of the finished room. Obviously it's still missing things like a couch, chair, table, television... but the pieces of baby furniture kind of took precedence. It's not like there'll be another animal who I can really use these for so in a way it's good to get them all out of the way early. Although I do like the wallpaper and rug in this room it feels strange imagining what it would be like as an adult and mother immersed in a kidcore room. It's been a long time since I had to use so many primary colours all in one design and hopefully I can find ways around it for the rest of the game.

Lastly, designing a home with young children in mind also taught me a lot about distress. Not even going to argue with this one. But I was under the impression the emotions you learn after completing each task was random.

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