Friday, May 20, 2016


Wearing: Motel large sequin dress, Asos collar, Uniqlo long sleeve and Dr Martens boots.

Today's look was brought to you by the strong desire to embody the colour and glow of the milky way galaxy and detachable tuxedo bibs, which are severely underrated. I've been on the hunt for detachable collars for years, ever since Susie Bubble of Style Bubble posted a series of looks way back in 2010. It seems slightly ridiculous that they're only commercially available and readily accessible now, in 2016 but it was worth the wait. I finally have the power to transform even the dullest of t-shirts and make them utterly charming and chic. Speaking of things charming and chic, this look was also brought to you by ChloĆ« Sevigny and the letter C, one incredible lady who maintains levels of cool unattainable by mere mortals such as myself. It goes without saying that the letter C is also very, very important.

I don't know how to blow a bubblegum bubble, but if I did I'd look like a badass.  

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  1. you look stunning!! i'm in love with your fashion taste!