Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Somewhere Nowhere Spring 2015

Somewhere Nowhere continue to carve their own path through the fashion industry, beautifully combine the best of streetwear with just a hint of magic. Established by Rex Lo and Elly Cheng, and now based in Hong Kong the brand synthesizes the aesthetic of anime superheroes and underground rave culture with oversized mesh pieces adorned by loose nylon buckle strap. Perfectly simple and employing only three colours the collection is for lovers of marshmallow and buckets of
Neapolitan ice cream who love nothing more than practical and wearable, well ventilated clothing. Geometric purses trimmed with marabou feather and glittery pastel eyebrows added frivolous but hey-why-not chic and glamour. 

The stripes and mesh didn't end there, with the greatest non-boring trench coat I've ever laid eyes on confusingly named the Honeycomb coat. A hodgepodge of pastel squares and rectangles allow the eyes to travel up and down the piece, appraising the many details, buckles and pockets. The aforementioned pastel crop tops have been picked up by cool girls on the Internet including green-haired beauty and adorable brace face Zazi White. While I can only dream of being one one-hundredth as cute, since the collection is still available and on sale through the Somewhere Nowhere website I still have a slim chance. When in doubt, apply heart stickers around the eyes and face in generous amounts and if necessary, frolic with imaginary flowers drawn in Microsoft Paint.

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  1. Why are these things so freaking cute :) xoxo