Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jeremy Scott Spring 2016

Lately I've come to accept that there are only so many hours in a day and therefore, it would be counterproductive to discuss resee (a term which refers to the less glamorous portion in-between shows) and looks which don't appeal to me. That said, the looks which piqued my interest from the Jeremy Scott Spring 2016 collection transported me back to a time where the term "girl gang" was not in existence, or gained traction. But female friendship circa 1999 was scrutinized by film makers, photographers and artists alike. One film in particular which transcends the chick flick genre was Jawbreaker, starring the inimitable Rose McGowan. Despite the gruesome story line, the aesthetic and costumes remain vivid and colorful, making the plot of this black comedy all the more debauched. If thee were more bikinis featured in Jawbreaker, I think Jeremy Scott would have been a show in for the head of the costume department. 

Unsurprisingly, Petra Collins' sketch book also lends itself to the same colorful aesthetic viewed through the lens of a very warped perception. Collins, Jawbreaker and Jeremy Scott examine the intersection between women, popular culture, and the monsters the media makes them to be. Perfect pedicures, technicolor bikinis and all. 

Go-go inspired sequin dresses and swimsuits sashay down the runway with reference to Barbarella and sci-fi fantasy by way of silver bustier, sequins aplenty and gravity-defying, Hairspray worthy beehives.

Photos 1- 7 via shot by Luca Tombolini. Photos 8 & 9- It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood shot by Petra Collins for Rookie Mag. Photos 10 & 11- Jawbreaker (1999). Photo 12, 13 & 14- Nothing lasts forever, from Petra Collins' sketchbook. 

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