Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Reading old journal entries makes me realise how much my life has changed since leaving university. I'm truly grateful that I took the time to record my thoughts and feelings during such an informative period of my life, and am now in a position where I can reflect on them. It's now that I can appreciate how much spare time I actually had throughout school, compared to working a nine to five and feeling consistently exhausted by ten o'clock. Other than hard drugs, I'm willing to try almost any pill or potion if there's any chance of feeling more energetic. On the plus side I try and make the most out of my days off and be as productive as humanly possible. But often I'll be doing something at work and questioning why I'm not using my brain to its full potential and squeezing every precious second out of my day. The answer is that it's not socially acceptable to be doing something at work and jot down a great idea for a pitch or an outfit you have in mind on your phone when in a customer service role. I haven't started a new journal yet either, because nothing exciting is happening in my life at the moment (sad but true).


  1. I love your journals! I usted to have journals too but I often don't have enoug time to do some meditation :(

  2. There's something so nostalgic about reading old diaries, I need to get mine out!

  3. Since I have had a blog in 2004 I stopped writing entries in a paper log...until my relapse in 2014. Actually my parents filled it and then when I felt better I added my own experience (but I don't write everything in it because they read it - my darkest secrets are still in my blogs ahah. It's good to find old logs and read them again.

  4. I love how you decorated the single pages! I hope you'll have the motivation/energy again to start another journal because I love seeing such photos. I always carry a mini journal around as my second brain - it holds all the sketches and ideas that come on my mind during the day! :)