Friday, April 15, 2016

Ellery Resort 2016

Colour has been the principle driver and main motivator for most, if not all of my outfits. Slowly my mind has become more receptive to tailoring and in particular extravagant ruffles pioneered by Leandra Medine, the founder of Man Repeller. She's not the first to wear them, but she does so in a way that highlights her intense personality. For me, personal style is my way of being loud and creating space in whatever environment I find myself in for the day. Unfortunately it's not possible to wear flared culottes/ trousers, see-through mesh tops (without looking like someone obsessed with grunge and the 90s) or bell sleeved tops. It's Victorian, but not as we know it revamped with more modern materials and taken to the extreme with slight asymmetry. I haven't talked about Ellery on this blog in great detail, despite the brand being one of the most influential labels to come from Australia. Mainly because of a legal battle between the founder and the two major department stores making me feel generally uneasy about Kim Ellery's loose ethics when it comes to honoring such agreements. ANYWAY the vibes I got from that incident distracted from my objective commentary, and recognition that Ellery has been a street style favourite around the world. 

It makes sense that clothes which such strong silhouettes and shape remain neutral in colour. Neutrals have become synonymous with maturity and elegance and it's that very tone that Ellery seems to embody. However, by adding choker necklaces, tousled locks and a certain nonchalance makes it youthful again. I find it fascinating that with the addition of such simple styling techniques the context in which we read these clothes can completely change. Or that the way in which they are styled can be so malleable. This shouldn't come as such a shock but each collection always feels very self-contained and difficult to wear with pieces from other labels unless of course they incorporate a neutral palette and the same penchant for structure. For women who prefer to buy clothes as entire outfits directed from either mannequins or lookbooks this seems like a dream come true. I prefer to exercise autonomy and avoid any resemblance to the cookie cutter mold, no matter how extravagant and Avant Garde the clothes might be.


  1. This collection is so unique and beautiful, love the coats!

  2. Awesome points about this collection. I would love to walk around looking like this, but at the same time very avant garde pieces like this can be hard to make your own. Hopefully one day I can have the opportunity because these are gorgeous haha.