Monday, April 18, 2016

Disco Days

Wearing: Asos blouse, Cotton On shorts, vintage denim jacket, Marina Fini earrings and Dr Martens boots.

I felt so reluctant to post these photos since this outfit since (aside from my earrings and growing collection of pins and broohes) everything is relatively boring. I don't usually dress for comfort but when the temperatures rise above 100 Fahrenheit, I think I'm allowed to be a little easier on myself. These shorts are something I bought before I moved from Melbourne and I am so glad I invested in a nice pair of black running shorts. While I try and resist the idea that the place I live has influenced my own personal style, the change in climate as well as the fashion I'm exposed to on a daily basis has changed my perception. It's a little more difficult to get excited over dressing up when everyone in town wears a shirt, shorts and sandals to the pub but I'm determined to continue to dress with a purpose. On the plus side, it's very easy to be the most glamorous person in a town when there is very little competition.

This is another specimen from my rock collection, given to me by a lecturer, who then became an academic supervisor. I decided that while working on a project I was interested in was important, that I needed to surround myself with a supportive group of people. Below is an excerpt from an email detailing the origin of this fossil from my someone I'm lucky enough to call my mentor.

"... we picked up from Pitt Island. The whole succession along that coast is mid-Cretaceous 95-89 Ma (Cenomanian-Turonian). Because the wood is pretty well-carbonised, it is hard to tell what species it belongs to, but almost all of the trees from that section were conifers (Araucariaceae, Cupressaceae or Podocarpaceae). "


  1. I love your denim jacket!! It's so tumblr :))

    xx Alina

  2. Denim jacket + pins = eevvverrythiiiinnnggggg. I always love that look, the pins always add something extra to jackets. Also, those earrings are the cutest things I've ever seen.

  3. Cool outfit and I love the history of the rock and the rock itself! So cool!!

  4. Very cool outfit! Love the jacket, adds a definitely edgier feel to your outfit!