Thursday, March 10, 2016

Phiney Pet Fall 2016

After driving for four days straight on a massive road trip across Australia, I was forced to ask myself where the perfect bohemian camper vans and flower children were. Of course, I'm not in England and lush idyllic paddocks filled with curious horses are nowhere to be found. Indeed the land I am in has been stricken by a drought lasting some four years with no end in sight. As a result, the people who live out here dress in a sort of uniform- not because they want to but out of necessity. The clothes they wear are practical and typically last longer than what you or I would wear on the high street. But I have found myself wondering whether they are interested in personal style outside of their time spent working the land and if they have the imagination to do so. Although there are not many clothing stores in the town I live in currently, online shopping has revolutionized the way we access products from across the world. Gone are the days of having to wander into a store and asking them to order it in for you. We are all able to buy what we want online, but is the longing there? Enough postulating on my part, it's time to discuss yet another fabulous collection by London maverick Phiney Pet.

In summary the collection was a mish mash of colour, print and patches strewn together in spectacular fashion and modeled by a most enchanting creature. Anytime you see me with my lips slightly parted in my outfit posts, either looking breathless or otherwise like an alien from a faraway planet I am undoubtedly channeling one such pose by a professional and failing miserably to recreate the effect at home. Whilst the embroidered maxi dresses are not well-suited to life on the farm, they did make me ache for a little more luxury dressed down in a multitude of layers. Whether that be under the humble t-shirt or sassy biker jacket I got loads of styling inspiration from this lookbook. There were so many gorgeous dresses on show, and whilst the green velvet number is perhaps something I could thrift or find online my heart belongs to the most colourful and bombastic dress of them all (pictured fourth from the bottom).

Phiney Pet is possibly most famous for her hand painted leather biker jackets, worn by pop star Miley Cyrus. Each season more designs are painstakingly developed resulting in some of the most grandiose pieces of eye candy to grace my social media feed. Needless to say I practically jumped for joy when I first saw the red biker jacket emblazoned with the words 'LOST PROPERTY' and a cartoon cat hanging above it. My boyfriend and I constantly joke that if we ever moved in together and were to get a cat, I would probably pay more attention to it than him (I firmly deny such accusations). Although I already technically have a biker jacket with hand painted design from Esther Kim of Estherlovesyou, I can't help but mooning over this collection like a big idiot. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to find the perfect pair of beaten up leather sandals, some fabric paint and inject my wardrobe with more wanderlust vibes. 


  1. I absolutely love this outfit! It's funny coz a couple days ago another blogger dressed gypsy-like and it inspired my outfit of that day. OMG all these layers and colours!

  2. This collection is just...SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Thank you for sharing this, I am amazed.

  3. WOWOWO!!! SUCH an amazing collection! That red painted leather jacket is the BESSSST! And I just love the vibe of the shoot!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  4. Those photos and clothes are amazing, exactly the style I am seeking at the time because all I want to do is become a gypsy and wander around!