Saturday, March 12, 2016

Opening Ceremony

After completing each Public Work's Project in Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, there's an opening ceremony of sorts where the clients you've worked for in the past (and prospective animals) gather round and pop the party poppers. I get that it can feel a little tedious, having to scroll through the same boring text over and over again but I WISH the first games had these features. It certainly would have added longevity to the seemingly infinite expanse of game play, but adding these milestones to the game has really enhanced the overall experience. I always imagined the animals having the intelligence to interact with their surroundings in this way, and the new generation of DS consoles has opened this up.

I just wanted to leave this scene in, since it seems like there's a lot of romantic tension between my avatar and Isabelle. Just goin' leave this here.

So this is my school! You've already seen it in a previous blog post (or at least all the different stages of designing it) so the really exciting thing is the animals in their new environment. You can choose which animals play which role, in this case student vs. teacher but I believe you can later customise their outfits and finally, we can use the accessories on the animals. It's only taken maybe four or five games to do this, no big deal. It is super fun though, and being able to document these moments with the in game camera makes it all worthwhile. A guilty please of mine is playing Animal Crossing and splurging on new clothes or accessories to curb the habit of mine IRL.

I totally forgot about the skeleton at the front of the classroom. It's kind of weird that it's a skeleton of a human, rather than an animal but I suppose that means there's only one design to choose from which makes things easier. The other sciencey nerdy items in this classroom are the microscope 

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