Thursday, March 24, 2016

new girl, small town

Wearing: Vintage dress, red bandana from Urban Outfitters and Dr Martens boots.

Sorry it's been so long since I posted a proper, full-length outfit post. I had every intention of posting something when heavy rain forced closure of every road out of town, meaning I was stuck at home. It seemed a pity not to utilize the beautiful landscape which seems so foreign but remains unmistakably Australian in character. I've been kept busy with work, and have taken up tutoring a local publican in Indonesian in exchange for free food and drink. I'll also be working this Easter weekend, running most of the craft activities for kids which will test my creativity and patience I'm sure.

When I first watched Lesley Arfin's interview with StyleLikeU, I didn't realise what a profound effect it would have on my subconscious. Hearing her speak about this skirt, a collaboration between the ultimate cool girl Chloë Sevigny and Opening Ceremony, and her relationship with clothing in general was life changing. The best thing about an asymmetrical skirt, or in my case, dress is the ability to show off your legs while being coddled in mountain of fabric.

"I hated high school... but I love that I hated it. It helped me to rebel and find my own, cool stuff."

Last month I completed my first ever Dinosaur Dreaming dig! Museum Victoria, in conjunction with Monash University have allowed volunteers to be a part of their digs since 1995. As a volunteer the majority of your time is spent breaking up big rocks into little rocks with hammer and chisels on the shore platform and identifying dinosaur bones, with some freshwater molluscs and plant material. A big focus of the dig is to also identify more mammal material.


  1. I've been obssesed with the squared necklines lately.

  2. The dress is so cute, the shape is so unique:^) Maybe i'll try to search skirt like this on the thrift shop...


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