Saturday, February 20, 2016

Rodarte Spring 2016

This blog post was originally going to outline the similarities between Rodarte's Spring 2016 collection and aspects of 1970s fashion but it sounded stupid, mainly because I don't understand garment construction as someone who is unable to sew clothes so I deleted it. While this feels more honest, it does not solve my problem on what witty comments I have to offer. When I first viewed this collection and saw the finale, I felt mad about the dressesFor one reason or another it felt as if they had heavily borrowed elements from Japanese design, but that was more of a feeling, rather than something I could identify which was based in evidence. I now come to view the collection as a neat tidy package, tied with a bow in the form of sequins and embellishment weighing down chiffon. Scrolling through these images makes me feel like I'm bearing witness to a Disney Princess winter themed costume party, or at the very least a Blair Witch Project The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe crossover. Minus white people wearing dreads because that is just terrible.

Something that I've always liked the idea of as a concept, like space travel is the jumpsuit. I remember one of the girls in my friendship group from high school wore won to our high school formal and she did, look totally amazing but I myself felt intimated by her strength and willingness to become the other. Most jumpsuits show skin at the back though, and since I have some serious bacne issues (attributed to years and years of having mermaid length hair) they're something I've always wanted to try but never committed to. This is because I don't have enough disposable income to spend on clothes which I may not actually find comfortable to wear and an unwillingness to live outside of my comfort zone. If I could expand on this further, I probably never found a cut and print that I liked either! Shirley Kurata's styling makes anything seem possible though, so you never know, you might see me wearing a jumpsuit soon (hopefully with fluffy coat).

If I may step outside the world of high fashion and $$$$ price tags, one thing I've started to notice a lot lately is printed tights appearing on the runway despite less variety to choose from on sites such as Asos. And I can't ever really remember this disparity between what's carried on the high street vs. high fashion. It's much more common to see clothes not mass produced, purely because it's not economical or the rip-off fairies as I like to think of them, can't figure out how to replicate the looks because of technical know-how. I prefer the latter explanation, because groups of people who sit down and make a living out of stealing other people's intellectual property are scum. ANYWAY I feel like cool patterned tights are where it's at, because they can visually lift any dress and are good to wear if you like staying warm. Plus wearing at least once piece of itchy, slightly off jewelry or in this case clothing is like being constantly hugged and reminded that being out of your comfort zone, by nature is uncomfortable. But that is a good thing. 

Rodarte have long been creating amazing ballgowns, but this time under the guise of 1970s fashion. Of all the designers under the control of trend forecasters, this is possibly my favorite incarnation, simply because of the overabundance of sequins and incredible platform shoes. I think if you measured the number of details per garment in a Rodarte show, they might actually qualify for Couture, were the criteria not "over one hundred hours per dress by hand" or something ridiculous like that. And yeah, obviously I'm taking about shows as fabulous and amazing as this one and not the sports jerseys they did years ago now or the Radarte line of sweatshirts, as cute and clever as they were. The shoes are also amazing this year, and just be looking at them through the power of the Internet I feel taller and like a thousand times more powerful. Such is the potency of something as unique and special as a Rodarte show.

These last two images are from Zimmermann, and the above is an outfit close up from Hollie's archive Ditzy and Whimzy. It felt like the fit into a very vague winter wonderland storyboard.  

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  1. Rodarte always come out with such a sick collection! We especially love some of the black looks with a mix of sheer elements and embellishment :)
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