Monday, February 15, 2016

J. Crew Fall 2016

I'm still a bit mystified as to how the American retail model works and how a company such as J. Crew, which to a plebby outsider such as myself appears like any other retailer, can be given the same status as other designers. There's obviously no academic literature to explain this phenomenon so for now it seems down to PR as well as styling (the most powerful tools in any fashion empires arsenal). From the moment I laid eyes on that anorak jacket with pretty pink fur lined hood I knew it was love. It's women like Leandra Medine who have provided me with the ability to give myself permission to love these clothes, which are somewhat basic and utilitarian in nature but with a frivolous edge. From there the Fall 2016 collection presents itself as an homage to eclecticism with a feminine touch in the same vain as Gucci with splashes of luxury by way of red lipstick, gold and stylistic sunglasses. When one considers that J. Crew specialise in producing clothes in a spectrum of colours, it makes sense that their visual merchandising panders to this very niche styling method. Many items can be shown off at once and barriers can be broken, capturing the imaginations of women (and possibly men) bored with their personal style and yearning for a revamp. 

Aside from culottes making another appearance this season, sensible shoes inspired by the Stepword Wives also made an appearance alongside brightly coloured statement bags too small to fit anything more than your wallet, cell and a box of tampons (if you're lucky). Don't get me wrong I like the bags- but as someone who's still very much accustomed to living as a poor uni student they don't do anything for me at this very moment in time. The sweaters were cute, however they're only appeal to someone like me who spends a lot of time rummaging in vintage stores is that they are new and do not yet smell of moth balls. The suits, coats and skirts were the pieces which really got my engine revving especially the gorgeous suits. They make me hopeful that I might still, one day become an editor for a magazine working in a fancy office and able to wear a silk scarf tied around my neck without my peers asking I have a hickey. While there were a number of cute belts also making an appearance in this campaign, again there wasn't anything you couldn't find at a really good flea market. If you like buying things off the rail, congratulations! Meet your new work wardrobe! For creatives, this is the springboard of offerings Asos will hopefully replicate in six months time.

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