Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Galentine's Day

Wearing: Thrifted blazer, Asos blouse, trousers from Target and Sophia Webster Delilah desert boots.

I feel like Leslie Knope would really like my outfit- which is just about the only seal of approval any girl needs, am I right? I wore this to the Andy Warhol x Ai Weiwei exhibition which is still at the NGV which was AMAZING! I didn't really like the two previous exhibitions as they lacked personal information about what the artists were doing at the time they produced a certain work but there was a well of information to drink from. I haven't trained in art and don't pretend to, so I always find seeing an exhibition an invaluable experience. As much as I would have liked to wear my Sophia Webster boots to the exhibition, I chickened out and wore my beaten up Dr Martens instead. They're just too special to wear out and about in somewhere as busy as Melbourne shedding glitter everywhere. I was also wary of people stepping on my shoes if I decided to wear them, and of course that didn't happen and is the product of my own anxiety but I will just have to wear them some other day.

The specimen above is a piece of scoria from Mt Anakie in Victoria, which one of my friends slipped into my bag as we were having lunch. I'm glad he did though since I don't have many igenous rocks within my collection. As you can see there are a number of tiny holes on the outer surface, referred to as vesicles. These vesicles form as dissolving gas escapes from rising magma which eventually erupts at the surface. This type of rock may form in a number of ways, such as part of a lava flow, or as fragmental ejecta during a volcanic eruption. Scoria is typically dark in color (generally dark brown, black or purplish red), and mafic in composition.

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