Friday, February 5, 2016

Back To School

The first town development project in Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer is the school! which is super great because education is important and yeah. There are three exteriors to choose from, I went with the first because I'm a basic bitch, but I regret not going with the pink/blue option. Whatever, I'm over it. Completing this project unlocks a bunch of education related items, the most exciting to me is the MICROSCOPE because yeah, using one was a major component of my research project IRL. I also found out that spending hours and hours on them can bug up your eyes real bad, so like anything in life you should conduct research in moderation. The desk and lectern set up was also pretty basic and largely based on my own school and FYI I went to public school which didn't seem to do me too much harm. I'll let you make up your own mind on that one though.

One small criticism of the game: with these lengthier projects, there isn't a point in the game where you can save. Sure, you can tweak the interior once you're finished but eventually I just got to the point where I didn't really want to even look at this room anymore. What's nice about a bigger space is that there's more room to attention to detail, and if you're anything like me you can make little sections. Like at the front there's a cubbyhole for shoes and noticeboard which kind of instills a sense of community? Yeah I know it's a stinking video game, but to be honest I would rather live amongst the animals and easily dye my hair without bleach (everyday if I wanted to) rather than 1) constantly apply hair dye, and 2) live with humans which can suck sometimes.

 It might not look like it, but completing the interior for this building took me a long time (I swapped the desks I wanted halfway through to include piles of books, lunches and homework sets on various desks throughout the classroom). For unexplained reasons I also enjoyed taking advantaged of the wall decorations feature so there's a map of the world next to the globe. Basically every corner excluding the entrance is dedicated to some specific aspect of a classroom. There's also a little table at the back of the classroom for arts and crafts, which I did envision as a major component of the classroom but I'm more academic/ science oriented so it was focused on boring desks and tables. Next to the teacher's desk there are the more bureaucratic items such as the filing cabinet and speaker box, but I also added a cup of coffee on the for extra pep! It's the little features like these that make completing the public works projects more enjoyable. 

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