Tuesday, January 26, 2016


There's been a lot of scuttlebutt about the rate at which we consume fashion (in approximation to our need for information fast), as well as fashion flavoured clickbait. You can find various articles discussing fast fashion's implications on fashion as industry, especially since Raf bowed out as Creative Director at Dior (everyone's a critic now, right?). There is a lot of concern about fast fashion in the wake of tragedies such as the Rana Plaza factory complex collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh, exposing the real price of cheap clothing at the expense of someone else's safety. If you were to look on Depop or Facebook groups dedicated to selling second hand clothes, you would probably find a lot of items which have only been once and cost a pittance. The final concern is that fast fashion is killing a designer's creativity, case in point, Raf Simons. These are all great reasons to abandon the high street and look to the next wave of designers who live and breath innovation. May I present New York based designer Sisi Liu studying at Parsons MFA. 

 Liu has created intricate tulle shells embellished with satin sashes and pom poms to give form to luscious flowers. XXXXXXXXXL (yes that's spelt correctly) is an interesting take on what plus size fashion could look like. What Liu gives us here is an exciting alternative where clothes cover the body and models are left swimming in a sea of pastel coloured fabric. This collection should not be confused with designers which actually celebrate plus size women, considering that the models used were stick thin- all this banter is just my interpretation. Also, I read something online a couple of days ago pointing out that in womens fashion we differentiate between petite, plus size and average, whereas in mens fashion they just have menswear but a larger range of sizes. That says more about the values we project onto female bodies more than anything else, and possibly how that needs to change but plus size has already gained such momentum now I can't see the term losing steam. Still, the clothes are absolutely gorgeous and if at any point I wanted to cover most of my body in intricate swaths of fabric, this would be it.

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  1. This designer is so interesting - thank you so much for sharing! And I have to agree with you, my skin would be honored to be clothed by this most beautiful of fabric. Plus size is definitely an area that deserves more attention in fashion; it's just one area of fashion becoming more diverse.