Friday, January 22, 2016

I have a blue house and a blue window

Today we are building a home for Jeremiah the blue bullfrog who is possibly one of my favourite lazy characters from the Animal Crossing franchise. I was able to choose this time between decorating his home and the dark horse (don't know his name, let's call him Lord Monochromicorn for now). To be completely honest I was a little annoyed being forced to chose between this two particular characters, since I easily anticipated which furniture sets they were most attracted to. But anyway we went forward with Jeremiah's home but were also introduced to Isabelle who first appeared in Animal Crossing New Leaf asking for help to build a school, which will be in the next AC blog post. Anyways it was pretty straightforward since there is a blue furniture set to decorate with. I decided to include a picture of Jeremiah in the home for good measure, also in case he ever gets amnesia and forgets what he looks like/ where he lives. There's also a photo of Lopez in there, purely because the frame is blue but also to make life confusing.

This home ended up being pretty cute, but I only wish it was a little bigger so I could have done a little bit more with it. Still, it kind of looks like a cute colour coordinated cottage, which is what I imagine most of the villagers would want to live in. A feature which I forgot to mention was that after the completion of each project, your character learns a new emotion at random which you can use later to pose with in photos. It doesn't really add much to the game, but I suppose doing a good deed is itself the prize after all. As you can see, helping out a blue frog taught me about bashfulness... somehow! Admittedly, this game doesn't present itself as an accurate representation of reality, as evidenced by my supervisor being a pink otter with human-like hair. In the next Animal Crossing flavoured post I'll be making the community school and as a recent science graduate you can be sure I'll cram as many microscopes, sciencey things and books as humanly possible.

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