Saturday, January 2, 2016

All Blue

Wearing: Cotton On dress, Iggy & Lou Lou necklace and Rodarte X Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.

I immediately regret wearing such a basic outfit but it's hot and I physically cannot wear a lot of layers during Summer. There's also the unsavory issue of sweat but I won't say anymore about that. Dressing in warmer weather brings on its own set of challenges, namely trying to make a boring outfit fun with the right accessories. Hats are one of the best accessories to invest in for this very reason, but they're not always comfortable to wear either. Basically I just need to invest in some heavy statement necklaces or something because splashing out on amazing shoes isn't viable in the long-term. Just thinking out loud here, but is there a particular season where you tone it down? Or are you just able to wear anything you want, whatever the season and feel 100% authentic?


  1. Your shoes are the stuff of legends Adele! x

    1. thanks Elizabeth! definitely need to wear them more ;)

  2. Those shoes are absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

  3. cute outfit♥♥