Thursday, December 3, 2015

Yasmin Sewell's Best Street Style Looks as we know and love it is to be transformed into a website for e-commerce, with Vogue seemingly filling the role of runway and fashion news website. At the helm is Yasmin Sewell, who has held senior creative positions at Browns and Liberty London and established her own fashion label Etre Cecile. This transition acknowledges the power of online consumers, as well as the transient role of websites to deliver fashion news. It seems that Instagram has certainly changed the role of out competing it in many ways, largely fueled by fashion's accelerating (and some have called it alarming) fast-pace. Across many blogs, I've noticed there are fewer images, smaller amounts of text and catchier headlines as well as coverage across several social media accounts. It'll be interesting to see how Sewell navigates the unpredictable trends of online platforms and their influence on how we interact with and consume all things fashion.

1- Vogue UK, 2- Image Source Getty - Kirstin Sinclair. 3- Photo via 4- Yasmin Sewell by StyleDuMonde. 5-