Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top 5 Moments of 2015

It's been a big year this year, to put things mildly. I completed my own research project and graduated from university. It wasn't always easy, but I'm very grateful I got to work on a project which I felt so passionately about and made very much my own. Hopefully I'll be back in academia but for now I'm aimlessly searching for something to give my life meaning, much like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate. Minus the adultery, definitely have not been dabbling in that!

The wonderful Ati Lin gifted me these amazing Saddle Shoes which are made from 100% recycled leather! Honestly it was just amazing to receive an email from someone saying they liked my style and thoroughly enjoyed the content I was putting out there.

There was a lot of emphasise put on my studies, but there was always time for creating new outfits AND I got to see Romance Was Born's Bush Magic runway show at the National Gallery of Victoria. The atmosphere was incredible, it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Honestly I was so glad I dragged my butt out there to see it!

I also got to attend some classes organised by the lovely Lady Petrova, including Social Media and Unicorn Hair braiding. Hanging out with a cool group of ladies on a Saturday morning is high on my list of priorities (so if you're in Melbourne, hang out with me?) 

Lastly, I've just enjoyed being able to continue posting outfits but also sharing them on my instagram, where I won this amazing hand painted jacket by Esther Kim (estherlovesyou). Here's to a bigger and better 2016!


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    1. you literally just made my day, thank you Brunna <3

  2. Ahh, have a great 2016! xoxo

  3. Happy New Year Adele! x

  4. congratulations on everything you've done and achieved this year! happy new year Adele, have a great one! xx

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