Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Somewhere Nowhere Spring 2014

This is the collection that started my love affair with the textural designs of Somewhere Nowhere. I think I first heard about this label from either Style Bubble or Girl with the Flower (both excellent blogs). Self-described as a brand which combats the humdrum life and replaces it with an aesthetic wonderland charged with sugar, spice and everything nice. The only thing this collection is missing is a little pastel green to perfectly cute that 90s girl power cartoon, The Power Puff Girls. Unlike the Power Puff Girls, Somewhere Nowhere remains playful and imaginative, and yet the pieces are cool enough to wear as street style pieces. There's something to be said about a brand who makes their clothes 1) easily accessible, 2) easy to wear and 3) for believes of unicorns who dream of candy floss, marshmallows, friendship and rainbows.

Unlike many small, independent brands, from the get to Somewhere Nowhere also dedicated themselves to designing accessories to compliment each collection. Although they remained somewhat generic from their early inception, in more recent collections these have complemented pieces from each collection. Some brands do struggle with styling accessories or incorporating them within lookbooks, but I think it's the unique approach of Somewhere Nowhere that makes their inclusion seem very natural and organic. This is of course helped by a very polished and professional presentation, which wouldn't be possible without ingenuity and a strong vision for the brand.

Summed up in a quote, Somewhere Nowhere is masquerades as high fashion but in order to be good it doesn't have to be serious. This idea is reinforced with a lookbook which is visually akin to a zine spread rather than a full-blown Vogue editorial. As a lover of DIY and appropriating things from thrift stores, I couldn't feel more at home. There's something very authentic about that premise which is immediately apparent from all their social media accounts (particularly when the brand moved all their operations from London to Hong Kong). There wasn't a time when the future of the brand seemed unclear it was more like watching your cool auntie move from one place to another. Watching Somewhere Nowhere evolve has been a wild ride so far, and frankly I can't wait to see their next collection (and get my hands on some of these gorgeous clothes!!)


  1. Somewhere Nowhere looks like a great brand! i love these color-categorized photos. can't decide which one I love the most. even the pink one, which is not a color I usually favour, I love it!

    1. Hi Wynne, in their other collections there is a lot of pink, more clothes in the style of this lookbook! :)

  2. Those pictures look so cool and cute at the same time, interesting brand! :) Have a nice week*