Monday, December 28, 2015

Put me in Coach!

Wearing: Thrifted bandanna and skirt, Asos blouse and Chloë Sevigny X Opening Ceremony shoes.

I got super excited when I found my black bandanna when cleaning my room the other day and wanted to create an outfit inspired by Coach's Fall 2015 collection. The only trouble is that it's 30 degrees Celsius today and will be for the next five days. That's too long to wait! I decided to wear a summery outfit inspired by the collection by swapping a structured khaki coloured skirt in lieu of liquid leather pants. You'll also notice I'm wearing some strappy boots instead of the sheepskin boots from the collection. You could also wear a bandanna with a grey sweater in colder weather or wear a leather jacket with a ton of thrifted pins. Do you ever take inspiration from the runway in your everyday outfits


  1. this is so badazzz, kinda like a modern day kickass feminist highway(wo)man

  2. Those shoes are a w e s o m e <3

  3. Ahh I loove this outfit! It's rather rare to see you wearing that much of dark clothes but it looks great! Also, I own exactly the same bandana ^-^

    1. I think I wear as many black outfits as colourful ones- I just blog about these kinds of outfits less tbh