Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fabulous Fur

Wearing: Asos faux fur coat and Miu Miu clogs.

Sometimes I like to wear this coat buttoned up all the way to create the illusion I'm not wearing any other clothes underneath. And then, other days, I don't wear anything other than underwear and this coat to see how long I last outside the house. Just kidding. Although that would be awesome, but more manageable in cold weather, rather than warmer weather. Also I live in Melbourne, a city famous for unpredictable weather. It's for that reason that I struggle with wearing an appropriate number of layers as it is! Anyway this whole 'only wearing a fur coat' scenario takes a different turn when you add a plain t- shirt to the equation. Then what you can do is turn the coat into a skirt without running back to your house for more clothes. Incidentally that's exactly how I want to style this jacket when I wear it next. Preferably on a day that is not 100 degrees by mid afternoon.


  1. WAIT. STOP. HOLD THE PHONE. YOU HAVE THE MIU MIU CLOGS! (*runs to the airport*) I hope your wardrobe got a lock on it!! ahhh you have the best clothes