Sunday, December 6, 2015


It's been a while since I put together a moodboard, since I got side-tracked by creating wishlists etc. but I hope you guys like this one! Lately I've been more interested in what's available commercially so I wanted to create a moodboard which cleared in the air in its own unique way. Typically when I wear floral print, someone will invariably make a comment about me looking dowdy and outdated, as if borrowing philosophically from Andy Warhol. There are a bunch of fun ways you can wear florals without shopping your grandma's closet. Unless of course your grandma happens to be super cool, in which case she probably has all the vintage treasures you could ever hope to find at Goodwill.I recommend bright colours and patterns, unnatural hair and lipstick colours topped off with a cute choker necklace. The latter doesn't have to be expensive, it can be something as simple as a piece of ribbon with a charm.

1- Estelle Chen for Vogue Italia June 2015 Photographed by Miles Aldridge. 2 & 9- Maya by the sunflower shot by Clarissa Caponera. 3- unknown. 4- Raoul Dufy
Multicolored Flowers, c.1928. 5- thepulpgirls. 6 & 7- Portland Museum of Art, September 5, 2015 by shyalabeef. 9- Vika Falileeva In ‘A Miu Miu Special’ For ODDA Magazin.


  1. This is a fantastic mood board, I feel all inspired now! I wish I was brave enough to dye my hair, but its never been dyed even a natural colour before so I'm not quite there. I do fancy a really vibrant orange though, so maybe it will happen someday! Have a good Sunday,
    Bethany xx
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    1. vibrant orange would be a good one! changing one's hair cut/ colour changes one's perspective, but you get used to it relatively soon!

  2. I love the color schemes for this mood board! And I agree that floral can be more versatile than people think.